ULI Netherlands: Student Housing Event, Diemen Campus Amsterdam

On 27 September 2017, the ULI Netherlands Young Leaders Group hosted an event on the emerging asset class student housing. Over 25 young professionals were welcomed by Greystar at Diemen Campus in Amsterdam. This is a 1,000 units large purpose built student housing accommodation, which Greystar acquired two years ago and where the firm will develop another 770 units in the coming years.

The central question during this day was whether student housing has become a mature asset class in the Netherlands or whether the sector will continue to develop and increase in quality.

The event started off with a presentation from Anneleen Lagae, who is responsible for student housing at the Municipality of Amsterdam. She put the asset class into perspective in relation to challenges and ambition of the city of Amsterdam. After this, Galyna Permyakova from Greystar offered insight into the business of Greystar worldwide and their goals and ambitions as one of the largest purpose built student housing investors and managers. This was followed by Marlies Kateman and Matthijs Zaadnoordijk from Greystar, who are working at the property development teams of Greystar and gave the Young Leaders a view on the quality and specifics of their new developments in Diemen and Holendrecht.

We would like to thank Greystar and the municipality of Amsterdam for their effort and contribution and we hope to see the Young Leaders soon at our upcoming events!