National Councils Look Forward to Annual Conference in Paris 2012

National Council Chairs share their views on why ULI Europe’s Annual Conference is an essential part of the real estate year:

“The ULI Europe Annual Conference in Paris of which 2012 will be the 16th edition, is a landmark on the European Real Estate Agenda, but also for the ULI France agenda.  It is a rare opportunity for leaders of the French real estate sector to connect with its foreign peers in a collegial and intellectually challenging atmosphere.  The “Big Problems” are more or less the same across the board, apart from the fact that France has a somewhat better demographic situation than some of the other European countries.  It is perhaps wishful to believe that the “Economy” is going to be stronger in February 2012 than it is today and we need to think and act together in order to prepare a more solid platform for the future.  Lastly, “Climate change” which is a vast subject: – it needs a proactive focus even if times are tough and our industry should lead by example.”

Erik Sondén, Senior Advisor, Leonardo & Co, Chairman,  ULI France

“Once again, the ULI has identified the big current issues for its annual conference in Paris.  As an investment business, Benson Elliot deals with economic issues and markets every day, so I’ll be in Paris looking to update myself on broader industry challenges – like demographic changes and green issues.”

Marc Mogull, Founder and Managing Partner, Benson Elliot, Capital Management, Chairman, ULI UK 

“We are at a critical turning point in Europe – one that our generation has never witnessed and experienced. The ULI conference with its triple themes is both timely and relevant, providing an opportunity for our members in Italy and our colleagues across Europe with the chance to listen, share and debate first hand the issues with industry leaders.”

Luca de Ambrosis Ortigara, Partner, Realty Partners Srl, Chairman, ULI Italy

“For over six years now I have been attending ULI Annual Conference year after year because we do get valuable information. In exceptional times of uncertainty and risk such as those we’re living, attendance of the Paris Conference in 2012 becomes unavoidable and I will recommend presence to all my business partners in Portugal.”

Carlos Leiria Pinto, General Manager, Eurohypo, Chairman, ULI Portugal 

“Demographics, economics and climate change are the pillars that shape the real estate market globally. These are the key issues that determine the future of our living standards and way of life and that is why it is important to attend the ULI Europe Annual Paris conference in 2012”

George Kaburopulos, Principal, Dorian Capital Partners, Chairman, ULI Greece and Cyprus  

“At this time of great economic uncertainty it is essential to exchange information and skills and the ULI Europe Annual Conference is the perfect platform to do this. The conference always provides great networking as well as interesting and up to date seminars that add value. I always go and will again.”

Max Barclay, Head of Communications & Int. Operations, Stronghold Invest, Chairman, ULI Sweden  

“In an environment of changing markets and upset economies, the real estate markets will be what we –the operators and professionals of the real estate market- make of it.  The decisions of the leading real estate players will shape the markets we will be living in.  This ULI Annual Conference in Paris will be a great opportunity to listen, think and debate about the priorities and the challenges we face”

Alfonso Benavides, Global Head of Real Estate, Clifford Chance, Chairman,  ULI Madrid